Joining forces against the climate crisis and accelerate the sustainability transformation

"We are the first generation feeling the
effects of the climate crisis and the last,
that can do anything about it."

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Changing the narrative

The consequences of climate change are threatening the world’s economic, ecological, and social future. Our generation has the historical chance to create not only a zero greenhouse gas emissions world but empower our democracy for a more sustainable economy and society.

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How we think

We are pragmatists in the world of sustainability transformation: Let's do what's possible - today.

How we act

We combine powerful messages with entertaining stories in all our media projects.

Realworld vs. Animation

3D & Interactive - We create worlds with our team of 15 dedicated full-time employees.

Eco friendly

Using the railway, electric cars and renewable energy for our postproduction & office.

Scientists meet creativity and strategy

We combine education, enlightenment with communication, entertainment & action.

Thinking sustainable

We can't understand why people are sawing on the branch we're sitting on.