Let's work together on projects which accelerate the sustainability transformation.

The consequences of climate change are threatening the world’s economic, ecological, and social future. That's why the member of CLIMATE TASK FORCE support the global climate action community with ground breaking content, transformation strategies and entertaining media.

Who we are?

Climate scientists, engineers, communication and storytelling experts are working together with strategists, filmmaker and brilliant creative talents. The company was founded in 2010. Based in Dortmund, Ruhr Area, 16 full-time employees are working on various projects across Europe.

Our Mission

We don't need to wait for new technologies, we just need to get doing. To transform our entire economy and society to a zero emission world, we need to change the narrative of destructive propaganda to inspiring scientific based communication.

Political Statement

We support all protagonists who are working on the future of our existence. We are thinking progressive and sustainable - and yes, we are humans: So we can't understand why people are sawing on the branch we're sitting on.

Creative media projects for the climate crisis

The causes and consequences of climate change and the solution of the climate crisis is to complex for one feature film, it is to complex for one documentary or one book. That's why we are working on various creative media formats to reach different target audiences.

The feature film for the mainstream multiplex cinema

The book is the basis for a groundbreaking and creative cinematic experience. No filmmaker has yet managed to give the causes and effects of climate change and the possible solutions to our climate crisis a visual and narrative expression that has the power and the humour to capture and captivate a large audience. The film packages its important environmental and scientific messages in an entertaining and engaging narrative.

The research and documentary part

For the documentary and research part we are filming at various locations in the U.S. and Europe. In September 2019, we filmed at the United Nations Headquarter during the Climate Action Summit. In October and November we filmed in Brussel, Paris and Berlin. We talked with politicians, scientists, activists, associations and companies.

Social media content, videos, graphics & podcasts

All the research content, videos, interviews and podcasts will be published und distributed via various social media channels. To enlighten, to inform, to inspire - reaching peoples heart and mind.

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What are we doing for you?

If you are a scientist, activist, politician, NGO, institution or a company with solutions for climate change, sustainability transformation, political ideas and visions for our society - we transform your content and your informations into emotional media.

Climate lecture by climate task force

David Nelles and Christian Serrer created a special lecture about all the basic climate facts, reasons and consequences of global warming and possible solutions of the climate crisis. They presented this inspiring lecture in front of students, CEOs and institutions. If you have plans and a location for a climate lecture please contact:
Frank Barenberg, Project Manager
barenberg@tmfp.de, phone: +49 231-997774-0

Special edition of the book

For special printings of the book please contact:
Frank Barenberg, Project Manager
barenberg@tmfp.de, phone: +49 231-997774-0