The consequences of climate change are threatening the world’s economic, ecological, and social future.

The vision for the film was dreamt up together with the authors of the book “Kleine Gase – große Wirkung”, Christian Serrer and David Nelles. With more than 100 scientists and researchers contributing and over 220,000 copies printed, the book offers easy-to-understand explanations and clear and attractive illustrations about the causes and the effects of climate change.

Science meets Entertainment 

The book is the basis for a groundbreaking and creative cinematic experience. No filmmaker has yet managed to give the causes and effects of climate change and the possible solutions to our climate crisis a visual and narrative expression that has the power and the humour to capture and captivate a large audience. The film packages its important environmental and scientific messages in an entertaining and engaging narrative.

Dein Spiegel Bestseller 2019

Making the documentary part and research

We filmed at various locations in the United States and Europe:
New York at the United Nations Headquarter, at Columbia University
or in Berlin, Paris and Dortmund.