We combine education, enlightenment with communication and entertainment. We transform knowledge into understanding and understanding into action.

Meet our research, concept and production team. If you need any informations please contact us via mail or phone. You find the contact data of your contact person here - or contact our project management team: +49 231 99774-0

Felix Rodenjohann

Director & CEO of tremoniamedia
B. Sc. Communication & Media Management
PHONE +49 1761 7270700
MAIL rodenjohann@tmfp.de

I love breaking the mould – with arguments, curiosity, and pragmatism. I am a maker, a changer, a shaker. I want to know the WHY more than the HOW and WHAT. With the right WHY, I can help shape opinions, brands, and businesses to be part of the sustainability transformation. In 2009, I was responsible for the moderation and dramaturgy of the first Green Business Conference in Iserlohn, with big names as Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Tony Blair or Kofi Annan. Since this time, I realized that the transformation to a green economy and society is the most important issue of our time.

Christian Serrer, David Nelles

PHONE +49 231 997774-0
MAIL zentrale@tmfp.de

The authors of the SPIEGEL-Bestseller book "Minor Gases - Major Effect: The Climate Change" are part of the research and conception team of the movies and communication projects. When their research began, they just wanted to understand the consequences of climate change. 200,000 copies of the German-speaking book is sold up to date and many international versions are slated to be published soon. They explain all aspects from the greenhouse effect to the ecosystems in a concise and clear manner.

Christian Krüger

Film Producer & COO tremoniamedia
PHONE +49 176 21133644
MAIL krueger@tmfp.de

I break down the many different aspects of the climate crisis into its individual components, sort them and arrange them into texts, scripts, films and live-action-events that enlighten, inspire and finally consolidate or change an attitude.

Annika Mahrt

M.A. Literature, Culture & Sociology
PHONE ‭+49 176 20327360‬
MAIL mahrt@tmfp.de

Till Vill

PHONE ‭‭+49 160 94645871‬
MAIL till@tmfp.de

Linda Evans

B.A. Economics
PHONE ‭+49 231 997774-0‬
MAIL evans@tmfp.de

Patrick Hohlwegler

Head of Transformation and Research
B.Sc. Geosciences
M.A. Environmental and Economical Ethics
PHONE +49 151 70162165MAIL Patrick.Hohlwegler@posteo.de

I am not a dreamer. I do not aim for Utopia. I look at the World with open eyes and an open mind and try to achieve the best in every situation. I know that it takes compromise to change the World. But that is okay as long as things are getting better. I studied both, geosciences as well as philosophy. Thus, I think of the World in two different ways: scientifically and philosophically. Climate change is probably the biggest challenge that humanity has ever had to deal with. We need to find a solution but we also need to find a just solution. Everyone has got to change – politicians, entrepreneurs and ordinary people all around the World. Let’s get it started!

Dr. Udo Engelhardt

Project Leader
Marine scientist
PHONE +49 160 93379343‬
MAIL udo.engelhardt@outlook.com

Dr Udo Engelhardt is a marine scientist with more than 30 years experience in researching marine ecosystems, with a particular focus on assessing and managing coral reefs and their associated biota. For the past 20 or so years, he has been studying the effects of climate-change induced mass coral bleaching events in both the Indian and the Pacific Ocean. For his studies on the ecological effects of climate change impacts on both coral and reef fish communities he was awarded a Doctorate from the University of Queensland (UQ) in Brisbane. He is the Director of Reefcare International Pty Ltd (RCINT), an Australian-registered Marine Environmental Consultancy Service specialising in coral reef biodiversity assessments and reef impact studies following large-scale ecological disturbance events. In response to the ever increasing urgency for meaningful and effective action to address the global climate crisis, he has now committed himself to the field of climate communication, not only providing information on the current status of our climate system, but also highlighting effective adaptation and mitigation measures in response to the climate crisis.

Career ‘highlights’:
Research program coordinator at the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA);
Research program leader and developer of the crown-of-thorns starfish (COTS) and coral fine-scale surveys on the Great Barrier Reef (GBR); Lead consultant (coral reefs) of the The World Bank’s ‘Seychelles Marine Ecosystems Management Program’ (SEYMEMP); Founding Scientific Director of the D’Arros Island Research Centre (DRC) in the Amirantes Islands, Seychelles; Consultant ecologist as part of the Australian Government’s (AusAID) Asian tsunami relief effort in the Indian Ocean.

Uli Hauser

Author & Journalist
Mercator Fellowship Program
PHONE ‭+49 170 3104729‬
MAIL ulihauser@gehtdoch.me
Uli Hauser arbeitet für Film und Fernsehen und war fast 30 Jahre Reporter des „stern“. Er verließ seinen Job,  sich mit voller Kraft dem wichtigsten Thema unserer Zeit widmen zu können, der Klimakrise.
Der Bestseller-Autor (u.a. „Jedes Kind ist hoch begabt“, „Würde“, „Geht doch!“) initiierte zivilgesellschaftliche Kampagnen (u.a. „Mut gegen rechte Gewalt“, „Mutmacher“), Konzerte („Rock gegen rechte Gewalt“, „Birllikte“) und Roadshows („Lernlust statt Schulfrust“).
Für sein Engagement wurde er vom Bundesinnenministerium mit dem Titel eines „Botschafter für Demokratie und Toleranz“ ausgezeichnet. Der Theodor-Wolff-Preisträger war zuletzt Fellow der Stiftung Mercator und organisierte 2019 gemeinsam mit Schülerinnen und Schülern die erste große  „Fridays for Future“ - Konferenz in Dortmund mit 2000 Teilnehmern. Gesammelte Reportagen von Uli Hauser unter: https://www.stern.de/uli-hauser